Solvably is a personalized, digital learning platform that supports real-world, collaborative, creative problem-solving in an accessible, user-friendly, and easy-to-author environment.

🏆  EdTech Breakthrough Award - Creative Solution of the Year

The Problem

Traditional classroom learning focuses on getting students prepared for standardized high-stakes tests (e.g. knowledge retention assessments such as the SAT). They do not however, prepare students for the world of work, which requires a broader set of skills – this is a large gap in the market that we are looking to address.

Employers are concerned that graduates, while being taught foundational literacies such as math, reading, and writing, are not being taught the skills of the workplace. These 21st century skills include the so-called “4 C’s” (Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Creativity and Communication) and character qualities such as grit and persistence. It falls on the employer to “up-skill” new intakes. Costing time and money. It is estimated that this skills gap will cost industry $10TN by 2023.

MassiveU is looking to address this gap in learning platforms and develop a true “real-world” problem-solving platform for our users, that helps foster the development of 21st century skills, through an academically sound “framework”
• Critical thinking is all about solving problems
• Creativity teaches students to think outside the box
• Collaboration shows students how to work together to achieve a common goal
• Communication lets students learn how to best convey their ideas

The goal was to deliver value to the users in two distinct ways; first, create a learningenvironment that helps foster 21st century skills, second, create an “ePortfolio” for thestudents taking them beyond the transcript.

Lead UX/UI Designer
Discovery, User Research, User Interviews, Competitive Analysis Sketching, Wireframes, Lo-Fi, Hi-Fi, Designer Handoff, User Testing, FullStory
Figma, Slack, Dropbox, Zoom,Zeplin

In 2020, Solvably received accolades for outstanding educational technology product, earning an EdTech Breakthrough Award for Creative Solution of the Year.

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Key Insights from User Interviews


Traditional schooling prioritizes tests over real-world relevance.


Education does not align closely with the demands and dynamics of the workforce.


Outdated curriculum lacks current relevance, making topics unengaging.


Struggle to show mastery of standards, skills don't apply in real life.

User Quotes

“I find that the courses I am taking in high school are not preparing me for the jobs I need to be looking at in the next two years.  I need more exposure to real-world situations to prepare me for the workforce.”

Scott R.

“I worry about my Mom, she works so hard to support us.  I need to get through school with the best grades and get a full scholarship. It’s hard to stand out above the rest of the class.”

Emily D.

Understanding User Pain Points

Learning is not relevant to real world, "I don't understand"
Behavior management and self-regulation
Dont know HOW to learn
Unable to demonstrate mastery of standards (knowledge or skills)
Stay focused while on internet
Technology is dated and not engaging
No support, falling behind
I'm not a test taker..."I do poorly on tests"
Content is not comprehensible (not at the appropriate reading level)
Content is not engaging or relevant
Too many priorities to maintain
Everything is repetitive
Managing multiple classes simultaneously (scheduling, studying, homework, etc)
Having learning material and action UI available at the same time
I'm a social introvert and don't like collaborating in a team
Not enough time
Having materials on hand
Getting started against all other distractions
Fear of reaching out because of the perception of being stupid
Too many clicks deep
No internet outside of school
Lack of access to work completed online after a course is complete
Inability to showcase my work in one place (portfolio)
Lack of public recognition for my accomplishments


Our primary design goal was to seamlessly integrate the most effective features found in popular platforms like Google Docs, Slack and an escape room. This strategic approach empowers users with the ability to collaborate in real-time and efficiently share digital assets.

Solvably incorporates elements reminiscent of immersive escape room experiences. In this design exploration, we immersed users in an engaging and interactive journey, creating a cohesive and captivating digital environment.

Within the Solvably ecosystem, users are given the opportunity to navigate through various segments of the experience, collaboratively tackling a diverse array of challenges. This design strategy fosters the development of critical collaboration and problem-solving skills, aligning with our core objectives.

Hi Fidelity Mockups

UX Improvement after User Testing

During testing for Solvably's K-12 version, a significant collaboration issue arose among 4th and 5th-grade students. In a specific section of the platform, users shared input fields for collaborative answers, resembling Google Docs. However, users frequently entered these fields without coordination, leading to disruptions, frustration, and confusion.

To address this, I proposed locking input fields upon user entry to prevent simultaneous typing, added a text bubble animation ("UserName, is typing...") to signal ongoing activity, and introduced a 5-second delay post-typing for collaboration. These design adjustments aimed to enhance the collaborative experience for Solvably's K-12 users.