HealthiNation (GoodRx)

HealthiNation (now GoodRx) a leading American healthcare company, in their rebranding efforts, which included their telemedicine platform and a free-to-use website and mobile app that track prescription drug prices in the United States and provide cheap drug coupons for discounts on medications.

The Problem

HealthiNation (GoodRx) wanted to revamp their marketing video PPC website, which had become outdated and was failing to meet the needs of users and businesses goals. To better understand the client's concerns and needs, I worked closely with seven stakeholders, listening attentively to their feedback and suggestions. Four key issues emerged from these discussions:

1. It was revealed that 54% of the client's users accessed their website through mobile devices, and the website was not optimized for this platform. This was affecting the company's financial performance and needed to be addressed immediately. Therefore, the client requested a fully responsive website that would accommodate all users regardless of their device or platform.
2. The video player on the website lacked essential features such as controls and autoplayed once the user landed on the screen, resulting in a less-than-optimal user experience. Therefore, the client requested a more functional video player that would enable users to have more control over their viewing experience.
3. The client had over 1,000 videos and needed a design template that could scale to accommodate all of them without the need to create a new UI for each video. Therefore, the client requested a design template that would be flexible and scalable enough to accommodate all their videos.
4. The client wanted an elevated design that would remain in style for some time and enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of the website. The client requested a redesign that would push the design envelope and give the website a sleek, modern look.

Overall, through my collaboration with the stakeholders, I was able to identify the client's key concerns and develop a plan that would address them effectively. My work involved implementing responsive design, creating a more functional video player, developing a flexible design template, and providing a modern and elevated aesthetic design that aligned with the client's vision.

Sr. UX/UI Designer (Consultant)
Discovery, User Research,  Competitive Analysis, Sketching, Wireframes, Lo-Fi, Hi-Fi, Designer Handoff
Adobe XD, Dropbox, Slack, Zoom, Zeplin, Google Docs, Microsoft Teams


Sketching is an integral part of the UX design process for several reasons. Firstly, it enables designers to quickly ideate and iterate on potential solutions to design problems. By using sketches, designers can explore various design options and refine their ideas through rapid feedback loops, allowing them to make informed decisions about the design direction.

Sketching is a cost-effective and efficient way to explore design options. Unlike digital tools, sketching is low-fidelity, which allows designers to focus on the broad strokes of the design without getting bogged down in details. This encourages exploration and experimentation, enabling designers to quickly test and iterate on their ideas.

Hi Fidelity Mockups

One of the primary benefits of hi-fi mockups is that they allow designers to test the visual design of a product in a more realistic and accurate context. They enable designers to showcase the details of the product's user interface, such as typography, color, and imagery, and to test how these elements interact with each other and the overall design.