Ux/Ui Design

Happy Tails

May 2019

The Project

Happy Tails is a mobile application that provides dog owners with on-demand pet sitting and walking services. The app operates on a business model that combines the convenience of Uber's on-demand service with the transparency of Airbnb's review system and Rover's pet care services. By offering users the ability to view pet sitters and walkers' ratings and reviews, pet owners can make informed decisions about the person they entrust their furry friends to.

Product KickOff Meeting

The primary objective of a kickoff meeting is to establish a strong foundation for a project by aligning stakeholders and the project team on the scope, goals, budget, timeline, and other relevant aspects. This meeting serves as an important in-person session to discuss all essential details related to the project, ensuring everyone is on the same page before embarking on the project journey.

A well-planned kickoff meeting is an opportunity to initiate a productive dialogue and collaboratively create a clear roadmap with no ambiguity or unrealistic expectations. By ensuring thorough preparation, it is possible to mitigate surprises or gaps in the project management process, reducing potential obstacles and delays in the project timeline.

Kickoff Meeting

competitive analysis

Competitive Analysis


Brainstorming is a powerful problem-solving technique that incorporates a relaxed and informal approach with lateral thinking. It fosters an environment where individuals can generate ideas that may initially appear unconventional or even outlandish. While some of these ideas may lead to innovative and creative solutions, others may trigger additional insights and possibilities. Brainstorming helps people break free from their habitual patterns of thinking and overcome creative blocks.

It is important to note that during brainstorming sessions, individuals should refrain from criticizing or evaluating ideas. The goal is to encourage open-ended thinking and challenge preconceived assumptions about the problem. Introducing analysis and judgment too early in the process can stifle idea generation and limit creativity. It is best to defer evaluation until later in the session when conventional approaches can be used to explore potential solutions in greater detail.

Early Brainstorm ideas

Brainstorming Session

low-fidelity wireframe

A wireframe is a crucial tool used in the design process to visually represent the layout and functionality of a web page or application. It serves as a blueprint for the design team, allowing for efficient communication and collaboration with stakeholders. Wireframes prioritize content and functionality over aesthetics, providing a clear depiction of the layout and intended behavior of the interface.

At the beginning of the design process, wireframes are utilized to flesh out ideas and establish relationships between various website templates. Wireframes do not include visual elements such as color, graphics, or styling, instead, they focus on the allocation of space and content prioritization.

Once a concept is established, low-fidelity prototypes are created to test the interface. These prototypes provide a basic interface for testing, allowing for user feedback and adjustments before moving on to high-fidelity designs.

Low Fidelity Mockups

Low Fidelity Mockups

Iteration after Low-Fidelity Wireframe

At times, there may be user tasks that require refinement or do not account for a particular scenario, and I have identified several areas for improvement:

  • 1. Currently, when a user searches for a walker through the search tab, they must navigate to each individual profile to determine availability. To enhance usability, consider implementing an icon on search results that highlights walkers who are available within the hour.
  • 2. The current summary format may be difficult to read. Consider incorporating images with corresponding numbers to enable users to scan and digest information more easily.
  • 3. Upon clicking "BOOK NOW" from the pet professional page, users are redirected to the checkout page. However, as our core feature is based on OnDemand services such as Uber, InstaCart, DoorDash, and Postmates, consider implementing a similar process where the user can view and select an available walker prior to checkout.
  • 4. Our core functionality centers on OnDemand walks, and users will have the option to select available times from the present day up to seven days out. In version 2, we plan to expand the scheduling feature to allow visits to be scheduled months in advance.
Brainstorming Sketch

Iteration after Low-Fidelity

High-Fidelity Mockup

A high-fidelity prototype represents the visual design of the final product with a polished and refined look. It builds upon the low-fidelity version and incorporates the expected visual styling and branding elements. The high-fidelity prototype is typically interactive, allowing users to perform tasks and navigate through the interface using clickable elements, such as text links or menus.

High Fidelity Mockup

Final High Fidelity Mockups

Prototype Video

A prototype video created in Adobe XD.

Prototype created with Adobe XD